The Quasi-War (French: Quasi-guerre) was an undeclared war fought mostly at sea between the United States and the French Republic from 1798 to 1800. In the United States, the conflict was sometimes also referred to as the Undeclared War With France, the Pirate Wars and the Half-War.

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American's First Conflict: The Quasi-War: Frigate USS Constellation

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USS Constellation - Original six frigates of the United States Navy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Top News: "SOUTH KOREA POLITICS: 'THAAD Deployment Appropriate': Ban Ki-moon" - - Since the reality is the Korean peninsula is in a quasi-war-like state, such action made by the government is appropriate," Ban Ki-moon said. on Politics: World Political News Articles, Political Biography: Politicoscope -

Capt Isaac Hull who in 1812 commanded the America’s flagship, USS Constitution, and captured and destroyed the British brig Adeona.

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Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry - about 1807 - Joseph Wood (American, 1778–1830) - Dimensions: 2 15/16 x 2 3/8 in., Watercolor on ivory. Oliver Hazard Perry (1785 – 1819) was an American naval commander, born in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Perry served in the West Indies during the Quasi War with France, the Mediterranean during the Barbary Wars, in the Caribbean fighting piracy & the slave trade, but is most noted for his heroic role in the War of 1812 during the Battle of Lake Erie.

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❤‼️06 Feb '17: Huge Win For Renewables in MD / In the current face of fear, uncertainty, and at times outright denial of environmental problems at the federal level, the Clean Energy Jobs Act proves that states like Maryland will not remain quiet on our country's toughest challenges like climate change.” | NationofChange

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CDV of Private L. Coombs, 4th US Infantry seated with his prosthesis (ca. 1865) Seventy-five percent of all operations in the Civil War were amputations as surgeons soon discovered that the quick removal of a traumatized limb was the most effective way to save lives. Civil War survivors with limb prostheses became a common sight throughout the latter part of the nineteenth century.

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"Oliver Hazard Perry" (1785-1819), by Gilbert Stuart. Perry served in the U.S. Navy during the Quasi War with France and the Barbary Wars. He fought piracy and the slave trade, but is most noted for his heroic role in the War of 1812 during the Battle of Lake Erie.

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