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Good article explaining the difference between Quebec French and Metropolitan French

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Use the videos listed below to improve your listening comprehension in French. Each video contains a transcription in French if you need help following along. There are currently 90 videos and tran…

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C’est what? 75 mini lessons in conversational Québécois French (#894) | OffQc | Quebec French Guide

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Quebec French Canada

New Brunswick (French: Nouveau-Brunswick; pronounced: [nu.vo.bʁœn.swik], Quebec French pronunciation: [nu.vo.bʁɔn.zwɪk] ( listen)_is one of Canada's 3 Maritime provinces & is the only province in the federation that is constitutionally bilingual (English–French). Fredericton is the capital & Saint John is the most populous city. Greater Moncton is the province's largest Census Metropolitan Area. Through 2011 nation wide census, Statistics Canada estimates provincial population in…