One of Queen Victoria's tiaras made with white diamonds and cabochon emeralds. It was designed by her husband Prince Albert. What a man!

A Look at Royal Tiaras — Who doesn’t want to wear one?!

royals-and-quotes: British Royal Jewels - Queen Victoria’s Emerald and Diamond Tiara Designed by Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s husband) in the Gothic Revival style. It was made of emeralds and diamonds set in gold by Joseph Kitching in 1845 at cost of

Not seen too often - Queen Victoria smiling

Queen Victoria on her deathbed, and her death. The old queen remembers.

Smiling Queen Victoria, 1887 (the only photo I have ever seen of Queen Victoria smiling)

The Princess Alice (third child of Queen Victoria) with her husband Prince Louis of Hesse, 1863.

People who are NOT Queen Victoria & Prince Albert: Princess Alice and her husband the Grand Duke of Hesse, while in Britain for the wedding of Alice's brother, the future King Edward VIII.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their children. This portrait presented a beautiful and domestic scene, with the Queen at the center.

FAMOUS FAMILIES: A bit of royal Battenberg-Mountbatten-Hicks family history

Queen Victoria’s family in 1846 by Franz Xaver Winterhalter left to right: Prince Alfred and the Prince of Wales; the Queen and Prince Albert; Princesses Alice, Helena and Victoria

Queen Victoria's secret?  Did she marry Mr. Brown and have his daughter?  This is a very interesting article about one of the most famous monarchs of British history and of one of the most amazing love stories to come out of the 19th century.  Enjoy!

Victoria's secret? New evidence shows Queen Victoria married her Scottish groom and bore him a secret daughter who was spirited to America

A photo of Queen Victoria and her Highland Ghillie, John Brown. It is said that after the death of her husband, Albert, Victoria sought solace with Brown.

Queen Victoria by Xavier Winterhalter

"The portrait, comissioned in 1843, shows the Queen with her long brown hair loose around her shoulders, gazing into the distance.

She was just 24 when painted by the German artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter and his work was described as her husband Albert's 'favourite picture'. "

Queen Victoria: 'the secret picture'

1843 Queen Victoria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (Royal Collection) Prince Albert had this Winterhalter portrait of his wife, for his eyes only, hung in his bedroom. Elizabeth Longford called this portrait "Weibchein in a submissive mood".

The tiara was designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria, is set with sapphires and diamonds and can be seen in the portrait of the Queen by Winterhalter in 1842.

(A tiara) Designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria, this tiara is set with sapphires & diamonds and can be seen in the 1842 portrait of the Queen by Winterhalter.

At the age of five, Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, born into a royal Yoruba dynasty, was taken to England and presented to Queen Victoria as a "gift" from one royal family to another. A unique and admired figure in history, she spent her life between the British royal household and her homeland in Africa.

Queen Victoria’s Black Princess

Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies, born into a royal West African dynasty, was taken…

Two days after the funeral, on 4th February 1901, Queen Victoria was taken to Frogmore Mausoleum to rest beside her husband Prince Albert. In this picture the cortège is on its way from The Albert Memorial Chapel through the Upper Ward of Windsor Castle, drawn by the Royal Horse Artillery.

In this picture Queen Victoria's cortège is on its way from The Albert Memorial Chapel through the Upper Ward of Windsor Castle, drawn by the Royal Horse Artillery.

Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) (1819-1901) UK & husband Prince Albert (1819-1861) Germany. Hand-tinted image by unknown artist.

Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria) UK and husband Prince Albert Germany. Hand-tinted image by unknown artist.

Queen Victoria's miniature crown measures just 3.5" across by 4" high, but contains an astonishing 1,200 diamonds.  Made by Garrard, designed to be worn over the veil Victoria adopted following the death of Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria’s famous miniature crown, containing diamonds - fleur-de-lis incorporated

From Her Majesty's Jewel Vault: Queen Victoria’s Pearl Drop Earrings

Received in 1847 from Prince Albert, pear-shaped pearl drop underneath two diamonds. The diamond studs were previously part of the royal collection. Left to the Crown.

Queen Victoria, with her daughter Princess Beatrice (standing), her grand-daughter Princess Victoria of Battenberg (nee, of Hesse and by Rhine) and her great-granddaughter Princess Alice of Battenberg.  Little Alice went on to marry Andrew of Greece and Denmark and became the mother of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh and consort of Queen Elizabeth II.

a rare photograph showing a smiling Victoria enjoying the company of her daughter Beatrice (standing), granddaughter Victoria of Hesse (sitting), and great-granddaughter Princess Alice (Prince Philip’s mother)

Queen Victoria in 1873... one of the most elaborate mourning dresses I've seen!

Victoria the beauty queen: The picture she gave Albert

Queen Victoria in her widow's veil. This portrait shows how incredibly elaborate and fussy Victorian fashion could be.