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Comprehension questions stems for many reading levels - (~K - Reading is more than pronouncing the words. What a great help to get the discussions going!)

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I created these question stem cards to provide support while we explore the higher levels.

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QAR Question stems @nikki striefler @Micah Sargisson Howell @Cadi Elizabeth Collins @Robin S. Kadlecek @Rita Tucker @Sara H Massingill @Dawn Cameron-Hollyer Lestina Lee @Debbie Arruda Welch

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Revised Blooms Taxonomy Question Stem for Key Ring

Revised Blooms Taxonomy Questions Stems are designed for a key ring. Laminate, hole punch at the top and put on a key ring for fast and easy access to question stems - anytime!

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Text Dependent Question Stems


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Perfect instructional resource to integrate mCLASS Reading 3D question stems within your guided reading groups. Guided reading levels L-M-N.

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FREE With new rigorous standards, the level of questioning must be raised in order for students to be prepared for college and career assessments. Use these question stems to create your own questions for everyday questioning and summative and formative assessments to ensure you are using higher level questioning with your students. K-12 Free

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