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One Day Knitting Projects

Quick Knitting Patterns you can finish in one day, many free patterns. Great gift ideas for projects that take from 2 to 8 hours.


6 Quick Knitting Projects: Patterns You Can Knit in Under an Hour

6 quick knitting projects to whip up during that extra hour of Daylight Saving Time this weekend!


One Piece Fold and Seam Knitting Patterns

Cleverly Folded Knitting Patterns - What could be simpler than these quick projects? Just as in origami, all you have to do is knit one flat piece, in most cases just a rectangle or square, then fold it into a bag, a shrug, a toy and more. Let your creativity go by trying different knitting stitches.


Oh my, this is the simplest free knitting project EVER! Knitted Fingerless Mittens. Source: Daily Fix Fingerless mittensYou need• Vinni’s Colours Bambi DK in the colours of your choice• 5mm knitting needles• darning needle with a large eye Cast on 30 stitches, work 50 rows in garter stitch and cast off. Sew the side edges together with neat, small stitches, leaving an opening for the thumb.


I made this little pouch to keep my earbuds safe and untangled in my purse, but it came out so well I wanted to share it for gift knitting! They’re addictive to knit and I keep scheming about using them as wrapping for a pair of earrings or just a few small candies to pair with a gift card or as a topper for a larger present. I can’t think of a cuter way to tuck a lost tooth under a child’s pillow for the tooth fairy, either.