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Quizzes For Teenagers

it's funny how we can remember the lyrics to hundreds of songs, but can't remember anything when we study for a test

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made by Japanese Bandai [Asovision], it's a bubble wrap keychain toy - meaning infinite in Japanese while puchipuchi means bubble wrap & also refers to the sound of the bubbles being popped, designed to mimic the sensation of popping bubble wrap for infinite number of times + made of a double layer structure of silicone rubber to create a similar feeling to the real bubble wrap, having 8 'bubbles' that'd make a popping sound when pressed

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Funny Text Messages - BryanI totally failed safety and health course today. Description from I searched for this on

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This is me, except, for some odd reason, all of the boys at school like me. I mean, I'm not exceptionally pretty, I'm not flirty, and I only like guys 35% of the time, so I don't get it.

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The Official Emo Band Name Generator

Finally answer that question that’s been tormenting you deep inside for so long: what would you name your 2000s emo band?

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