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Quod Latin

Esto quod es - Be what you are. #latin #phrase #quote #quotes - Follow us at

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Quod Momento | Tee

I don't think half of these words are declined correctly, but the shirt's pretty much the best!

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Damnant quod non intelligunt - They condemn what they do not understand. #latin #phrase #quote #quotes - Follow us at

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Manuscrits latins. S. Gregorii Magni Moralium in Job libri XXX-XXXV Date d'édition : 1101-1200 Sujet : Créatures. Quæritur quare, vel ad quod, facta sit rationalis creatura Sujet : Initiales ornées Sujet : Peintures Sujet : Initiales ornées Type : manuscrit Langue : Latin

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Skeleton and muscular system of a mermaid. According to the original caption, the “Hebrew script indicates this drawing is either based on another, much older work predating Latin or Arabic anatomy texts, or merely a modern fabrication attempting to imply antiquity or obscurity.”

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