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Quotes On Allah

Sometimes you have no shoulder to cry on, but you always have a ground to put your head and shed your tears on.

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When you always rely on Allah, you will never be let down. Click the pin to follow me on Instagram for daily motivation, tips, recipes and more!

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"If you had all relied on Allah (SWT) as you should rely on Him, then He would have provided for you as He provides for the birds, who wake up hungry in the morning and return with full stomachs at dusk." [At-Tirmidhi]

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Damon Hawkins on

I hand over my family & their health. I know You will provide the only the best for every circumstance. Please continue to guide all healthcare professionals which You have blessed this household with. I Thank You With All You Give Us Everyday...Amen

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YA ALLAH forgive me have mercy on me,i am not GOD,grant me jannatulfirdose and good end take an easy reckoning i beg you,save me from the hellfire torment of the grave and hashr azaab and every wrath ,i fear you and your wrath,ameen.

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