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There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky and you ask "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling What if you fly? ―Erin Hanson via (

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Freedom is in Peril Poster

Britain WWII poster: We need this in 2017 more than ever "Freedom is in peril. Defend it with all your might."

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Thank you for ALWAYS having my back and revealing to me the things I should walk from & towards. Direct my path. I walk by faith & you have NEVER led me astray. Anytime I have experienced troubles is because I interfered with your plans for me. I now understand to be still and listen and you will light my path that will be filled with grace and mercy on my journey. Thank you!

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Weil de meisten von uns es nicht mal schaffen Verantwortung für sich selbst zu tragen. Und sich seine Fehler einzugestehen, so ist das. ~Pia

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i love the look on their faces. mel's is like is she out of her mind & vince is like what a ungrateful, immature bitch

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Uhm, what policies? I don't remember Trump talking about policies. I remember a lot of hate filled rants. Or maybe This refers to his "secret" plan for destroying Isis? Or His threats to silence the press? Or His great idea to shut down "parts" of the Internet? I think I would be mad at anything Donald makes good on because anything he would do would be a "hyuge" disaster for America.

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malcolm x quotes | Malcolm X quote on peace and freedom - Love of Life Quotes

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