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Quote on mental health stigma - Never waste your time trying to explain yourself to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.

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4 Quotes From Isaac Asimov on Science and the Dangers of Ignorance

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He is a Republican, the highest ranking and leader of the Republican Party. Don't let them tell you he is not a real Republican. Whatever he was before is irrelevant, now he is the face and policy of the Republican Party. It's ironic that Conservatives don't like change. I guess they better strap them selves in, they just bought a ticket on the wildest ride of their lives.

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I am through being patient and nonchalant towards bigotry and intolerance. From now on when I see a rude and hateful assumption or generalization masked as a fact, I will attack it. Who cares if I lower myself to their level?! At least I can try to impart some knowledge on ignorant people that believe whatever they read out there.

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52.5% of True Americans must somehow look within to find the fortitude and strength to fight the Corruption and Unbridled Hatred Trump and his Voters have bestowed on Our Nation. Stay Strong, Stay Informed and Stay True to the Values and Standards we once held Dear in this country. The Fight Has Just Begun....

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On Jan 2nd 2017 in a closed door meeting republican congressman voted to render the Office of Congressional Ethics powerless.

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Great Gatsby Quote Typed on Typewriter

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