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In the end, I’d loved him enough to let go. From afar, I would love him forever. Letting go quotes on More

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Buddha-Zitat auf Schreibmaschine getippt

Am Ende nur drei Dinge wichtig: wie sehr du geliebt hast, wie sanft Sie gelebt und wie anmutig Sie Dinge, die nicht für Sie bedeutet loslassen.

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I wonder if it's hard to let go because I don't know who i'm letting go of. I don't know where the truth ends and the facade begins...but I do know there's only one soul to let go of. Yes, that's my prayer, help me to release him from my heart Father. Whoever he is. You know who he is.

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Curiano Quotes Life - Quote, Love Quotes, Life Quotes, Live Life Quote, and Letting Go Quotes. Visit this blog now

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@ifwishescametrue I honestly think ...Instagram photo

Yep. This is the reason why I flip out on you. You have no idea how hard it is knowing you're not mine but I have you in my's like I rather have never met you to make the pain in my heart go away...

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Nikki Rowe - "It hurts to let go, to say goodbye for the final time and remain distant in your...". quotes, wise-words, empowerment, letting-go, sad, growth, relationship, love-quotes, life-quotes, let-go, move-on, new-beginnings, love, raw, quote-of-the-day, truth-quotes, refresh, inner-happiness, good-bye, words-for-her, deep-quotes, start-again, move-on-quotes, soulful-words

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"It's not really letting go of the past that is the problem. It is coming to terms with letting go of a possible future that will never be. That is the struggle. The mind wants to keep its fantasies. Even when they are wrong, unhealthy, dangerous, or even cruel. To leg go of the past you must let go of the future and live in the present." BUT THIS IS EVERYTHING!

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