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Abdul Sattar Edhi Quotes on Humanity

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Me every night. My friends are asleep. My love is asleep. I am alone. Crying, shaking, completely a mess. No one can help me. I am a lost cause.

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Lonely Quotes and Sayings | lonely, quote, sad, saying, scream - inspiring picture on

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Absolutely Time!! Attention! Will take it over and over again above all things!

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Quote on borderline: She didn't know who would leave or stay, so she pushed them all away.

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"-Où sont les hommes? reprit enfin le petit prince. On est un peu seul dans le désert… -On est seul aussi chez les hommes, dit le serpent." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (in Le petit prince)

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This is the only way I like to talk with people. Openly and honestly.

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Quote on borderline: I have this problems: I isolate myself, then become upset because I'm lonely.

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