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3 - THREE - OBGYNs told me the same thing.<<my friend who possibly had breast cancer was denied breast reduction surgery on the possibility of having kids when she's older (she's15)

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Yes, thank you, good night.<<<Tamora Pierce's books address this, particularly the Song of the Lioness series and the Protector of the Small series (both about female knights)

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every. single. day. #bekind

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Rohypnol - Date Rape Drug Warning - Time to start drinking your margaritas sans salt!

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I went to her Facebook page after seeing this pin and it's terrifying to see the comments people are adding to her post. Please visit it if you're on Facebook and show her support.

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1000+ Virgo Quotes on Pinterest | Virgo Facts, Virgo Daily and Virgo Women

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"My favorite sound on Christmas morning is hearing my sister coming downstairs. She's 24 with special needs and still believes in the magic. It's wonderful!"

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1000+ Funny Mother Daughter Quotes on Pinterest | Mother Daughter ...

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"When I was in the 6th grade my teacher scolded me for drawing on myself and others. "You'll never earn a living with that!" Now I'm a tattoo artist. #IDFWY"

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