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Mini Holland Lop - New rabbit hutch / rabbit hutch / bunny cage / rabbit cage / cottage style

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This is the bunny cage my boyfriend and I made for my two baby holland lops. The bottom is a crate pan bought from the pet store. The cage is about 30" x 24" x 50" and cost less than $100 to make.

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I made a 2-level rabbit cage from the IKEA HOL storage boxes. Bunny loves it.

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Each hole is 24x24 The cages themselves hang from the PVC which allows the sides to extend further from the walls of the cages. The pans are made from wood, covered in a heavy gauge plastic to protect them. They are a single pan per level to keep rabbits from peeing in between trays onto rabbits below. They are attached by drawer slides. To clean them I just pull out the "drawer" lift out puppy pads, wipe down the plastic, replace the puppy pads or incontinence pads.

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Reduce Manure, Odors, Flies by Raising Redworms in Rabbit Manure

Vermicomposting with Rabbit Manure: Harvest some rich vermicompost for the garden right under your rabbit cages.

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Bobby and Rosies set up with large door at front. I needed a pen with a roof as Bobby is a jumper so grids were the best option. They free range for about 8 hours a day.

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