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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (Coelho Osvaldo) / 1927 / Universal Studios (originally) Walt Disney Productions (currently) #cartoons

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Rabbit Proof Fence - I learned about this in a Vet Tech class. Rabbits were brought to Australia in the 1700s on ships. They are not indigenous. As an attempt to control their spread into pastoral areas and the incredible damage they cause to the local ecology, fences were built.

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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as imagined by Walter Lantz ( the same animator of Woody Woodpecker fame)

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Robbie the Rabbit

Robbie the Rabbit - Silent Hill Wiki - Your special place about everyone's favorite resort town.

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FELIX BAUMGARTNER is the first to break the sound barrier just by ... falling. Last October a balloon lifted him to the stratosphere. He jumped, parachuting a record 22.6 miles and hitting 843.6 mph. At 44, he now plans to pilot rescue helicopters.

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The Dash

Dash's visible form is a small blue, fox-like creature with long rabbit ears and a long slender tail.

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