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I have accepted this challenge of a young girl who died at a school named Columbia and anyone who wants to join me do please

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Rachel Joy Scott - she was shot at a school shooting for her faith - there is a movie being made about her and I can't wait to see it

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Rachel's Last Drawing, I keep counting the tears...I count 12 each time , they keep saying there's 13. WHERE is the 13th

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Rachel's Challenge ... Rachel Scott was one of the victims of the Columbine massacre. This website raises awareness in the prevention of teen violence.

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Journals of Rachel Scott!!! Read it so many times and still love it...Rachel went thru so much and her journals can speak to a teenager so well...ahh it's amazing!

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Rachel Scott - "I write not for the sake of glory. Not for the sake of fame. Not of the sake of success....". writing, success, fame, soul, christian, glory, martyr, columbine

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I’m Not Ashamed in now playing in #theaters! You won’t want to miss the story of Rachel Joy Scott.

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