Rachel Ward

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Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward. The Thorn Birds. Hard to forget this miniseries. I watched with my mom.

Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward, The Thorn Birds, TV miniseries, 1983 (absolutely loved the book and mini series)

Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown - older and still in love

Rachel Ward & Bryan Brown - One of my most favorite actors! What a lovely couple!

I remember Rachel (Ward) when she looked like this.

Rachel Ward in Sharky's Machine This film borrows part of its plot from a film, Laura . (But watch La.

rachel ward dead men don't wear plaid - Google Search

rachel ward dead men don't wear plaid - Google Search

Richard Chamberlain - More of a TV star than a classic movie star. I loved him in The Thornbirds. I know he's gay but I can still look at this looker.

The Thorn Birds - 1983 (Richard Chamberlain, Rachel Ward).tsk tsk tsk such scandal.i loved it