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TIL that the California Highway Patrol (CHP) provides free roadside assistance to motorists stranded on California highways. This includes a gallon of gas jumpstart radiator fluid hose patch and a free tow if needed.


Color of the Day 171 (Just4FunCrafts and DoveArt Studios)


10 Ways to Proactively Protect Your Engine

The easiest way to protect your engine from overheating is by making sure you have the proper amount of coolant (radiator fluid) circulating throughout your engine.

Check and Add Radiator Fluid

The wrapped heat exchanger is the exhaust to radiator fluid. The stainless tank is the boosted radiator fluid to wand water.

Prowler Chrome Radiator Fluid Cap Cover with Kat Logo 1Pc 1997-2002

High quality stainless steel, Prowler radiator fluid cap cover. Dress up the exterior of your Prowler from American Car Craft.