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The Ultimate Guide To Storytelling

The Power Of Your Personal Story in your business copy | At the heart of storytelling is making an emotional connection with your audience and many times sharing something your audience can see themselves in is just as powerful as a rags to riches or overcoming the odds type story. Here are 5 ideas to help you share your personal story in business - read the full post now.

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Storytelling for Business: Why Stories Sell

MARKETING || Using stories to support your messaging in all of your marketing will help you sell your message, your products & services.

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A vision backed by the power of faith make you the most powerful being on earth #GameChanger #IAMANENTREPRENEUR

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Owl-Purpose Measuring Spoon Set

It was a great rags-to-riches story, set in the early 60s - an all-plastic camera by Lomography, the Diana, found her way into the market, marketed as a novelty item. It wasn't long before she took the photography world by storm, winning people over with her twisted, haphazard effects, ranging from multiple exposures to light leaks.

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The royal prince(ss) finds out they're not royalty. (Similarly, the kid with powers loses them, instead of magically gaining them).

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Overcoming the Monster-->Rags to Riches-->The Quest-->Voyage and Return-->Comedy-->Tragedy-->Rebirth

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