Private rail cars like the Observatory (formerly Vista Dome) travel across the USA on Amtrak trains. Hire the Observatory from Private Rail Cars....

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☆MG☆This is a BMW, rebuilt by R.P Morris, Longfield, Kent, in 1967 - it's now called a "Railway Taxi". --- rail car -- BMW-Isetta -- England

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Club Car Blue Train (South Africa) - Deluxe cabin | The Blue Train is one of the world's premier luxury train for individual travellers or for small groups.Train Chartering and its Private Rail Cars division offers the charter of this train or the hire of a private rail car / carriage within it.

Ride across the US on a train in a Private Rail Car (image of interior lounge by Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars, via Flickr)

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This converted rail car home in Portland, Oregon, is a great example of how beautiful a home a converted railroad car can make. The outside may look plain, but on the inside it’s surprisingly luxurious. The home encompasses an impressive 807 square feet and features 10-foot-high ceilings, DSL, thoroughly new everything, a full electric kitchen, and an incinerator toilet.

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