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The first Transcontinental Railroad was completed on May 10, 1869. By 1893 there were six major railroad companies

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Peek Inside Buffalo's Abandoned Art Deco Train Terminal

As well as a busy train station, the Terminal was the home office for the New York Central Railroad Company.

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TUNNEL: "Sinking the Tunnel" 1910 construction of a railway tunnel for the Michigan Central Railroad Co. under the Detroit River

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1871 – The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company introduced the first narrow-gauge locomotive, the Montezuma.

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Two women Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company employees at a repair shop, Lincoln, Nebraska, United States, 1948, photograph by Russell Lee.

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Above & below, Three Oaks Plantation, 1920's & 1930's. This historic home in St. Bernard Parish was constructed in 1815. It met its end in 1966 at the hands of the American Sugar Refinery (sugar refineries and railroad companies being the two entities most often responsibsle for the loss of plantation structures downriver from New Orleans --

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Elizabeth Jennings Graham was a black woman who lived in New York City. In 1854 she was told to get off a streetcar and then forcibly removed by the crew and a police officer. Jennings filed a lawsuit against the driver, the conductor, and the Third Avenue Railroad Company in Brooklyn. In 1855, she received a verdict in her favor and was awarded damages of two hundred and twenty five dollars plus costs. The next day, the Third Avenue Railroad Company ordered its cars desegregated.

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Illinois Central Railroad Company, 1933 World's Fair; University of Chicago Library Special Collections Research Center

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This picture of a "Canadian American Railroad Company" (CDAC) Snowplow clearing the tracks is a common image throughout the Northeast. The photo was featured in the "Sun Train Book Series" and was taken by well known Northeast photographer Roger Merchant .

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