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Bridge, Train Tracks, Train, Mother Teresa, Mint Green, Vintage Feel, Journey, Portsmouth NH, 8 x 10 Fine Art Photography

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Harriet Tubman was poor, uneducated, abused, uncared for and born into slavery. Instead of allowing her misfortunes to define her, she set out to save one person at a time. And in the process, she changed the world.

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Being a railroad wife this is true. The excitement of him walking in the door never goes away; as well as the tears that fall each time he leaves.

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I dream ove leaving and never looking back...and that's who I am. --- Never look back. Run a parallel line with the railroad tracks.... #LoveAndTheftReference

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I am worth so much more than you think. I deserve better. From this day on I'm gonna start living my life without you. It may not be easy at first but as the days go by I will eventually barely remember you existed

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