cute & clean kids joke for children featuring an adorable viking :)

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Fashion Fridays Happy Friday! I wish I had a funny April Fools joke but I think April Fools is the dumbest holiday the government could have ever created. What were they thinking? Create a day for people to all fck with each other? No thank you. I have lunch with one of my bridesmans today and I know he is gonna do something messed up then throw his arms up and say APRIL FOOLS! Hilarious effing hilarious. You know what else is hilarious? This stupid weather going on here in Colorado. One day…

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Some people do get under my skin and I just imagine tearing them down like they have done to me, but I won't let it get that far. I will let them bitches go.

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noahs ark jokes | Noah's Ark jokes have been old for thousands of years. If you believe ...

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Arabs be like hahha yes my mom would be like go open the light now fast

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Rain Jokes - Yahoo Image Search Results

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