Raindrop Technique and Vita Flex Stand Up Banner

You will need a stand up banner when you are inviting some friends over. Our Raindrop Technique and Vita Flex Stand Up Banner will be a good choice as it provides important information on the uses of all the essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oils: Classic Vibrational Raindrop Technique Chart by Sherry Cummings

Vibrational Raindrop Technique combines the power of the frequency of Tuning Forks with the healing energetic frequency of Young Living Essential Oils.

Vita Flex technique is common with those who perform reflexology and/or the Raindrop Technique (specific to Young Living). There are charts that help determine various vital points found on the feet and palms of the hands.

Young Living Essential Oils: Vita Flex technique is a powerful ancient Tibetan healing methodology brought to the US in the by Stanley Burroughs. It is a very effective method used alone or with other healing modalities.

Free Essential Oil Case Tutorial!

Free Essential Oil Case Tutorial

I'm so excited to share this Essential Oil Case Tutorial with all of you! But first, I have to apologize for the low-quality pictures that I took late at night with my phone. I had to wait t.

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