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from Anxious Toddlers

Do Your Kids Lie? 4 Ways to Avoid Raising a Liar.

Kids lie. That's a fact. But, how you parent can make the difference between a stage and a life long habit. Teach your kids by doing these four things.

from The Military Wife and Mom

The Big Problem With Over-Praising Kids - And What to Do Instead

Wow. This tip for raising a confident child is AMAZING. I never thought about…

from MomJunction

ADD In Children – 6 Causes, 17 Symptoms & 4 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

10 Parenting Tips For Raising Kids With ADHD: This is especially difficult in the case of children who can’t sit still, are always inattentive and can’t follow instructions despite unprecedented explanations.

from Anxious Toddlers

How to Help Kids with an "I Can't Do it" Attitude

Do your kids give up before they even begin? Here are some tips to help your kids turn their "I can't do it" attitude around.


Wouldn’t it be incredibly awesome if kids did everything without being asked? HOW TO RAISE INTERNALLY MOTIVATED CHILDREN

from Washington Post

How to raise kinder, less entitled kids (according to science)

How to raise kinder, less entitled kids (according to science) - The Washington Post

from Kara Carrero

How to start raising kids with life skills to crush entitlement

9 important life skills young kids can learn to help end entitlement and equip them for the future.

from The Mommy View

Empowering Kids: Building Value and Self-Worth

Empowering kids is something that we as parents can really do. By acknowledging and appreciating choices and behavior, we can increase self-worth.

from Turquoise Grace

Raising Kids With a Heart For Jesus

How do we raise children to have a heart for Jesus in a world that seems to be crumbling around us? This post is full of encouragement for moms hoping to point their children towards Jesus.

from Modern Parents Messy Kids

Raising Kids in a Digital World: 8 Books to Help Modern Parents

Raising Kids in a Digital World: 8 Books to Help Modern Parents - Modern Parents Messy Kids Raising kids in a digital world- SO many great resources for when you child should get a phone, keeping kids safe online, and how your kids are affected by YOUR phone! Love them all!