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These different videos are from the same man that kept on recording every few nights that saw this creature that appears to be the Rake, I think this is very good proof if the Rake is real:)


10/31/2014 - Monsters from Urban Legend. Although... - generationexorcist


The Rake is a mythical creature described as pale and humanoid. Its limbs are twisted and it has long talons used to harm its prey. It has black eyes and makes its presence known by way of heavy breathing, whispering and growls. It is always encountered at night, perched near its victims. If they don't wake, it leaves demands that they leave. If its demands aren't met it will bring harm to its victims or kills them. It's described as having human form with canine-like movements.


The Rake is about six feet tall, but usually crouches and walks on all fours. Description from I searched for this on