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Rap Lyrics About Love

this is a very, sad, reality. Why can't people leave others alone to live their lives the way they want to? Why do people care so much about things that do not affect them at all?

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WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO DECENCY & THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! These two have about as much class as the two in the White House...........and none of the four have made it to the + side of the class chart yet.

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I love this song. I had a difficult night being screamed at by my parents. And honestly I just wanted to listen to angry FU rap music... But this song came on about people treating you like s*** and rising above them to prove to them you are worth something. This is a beautiful song

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J Cole Quotes Tumblr | photography of j.cole with quotes - Google Images on we heart it ... Love this. Follow me on twitter for more inspiration about Jesus Christ: Jodie_Mashay

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I really don't care what this song is supposed to be about. Music is poetry and poetry is interpreted differently by every person that reads it. I love this song.

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