Eminem.... hands down will always be among my top fave artist!!!  Brilliant lyricist.... bloody brilliant!!!
funny-rap-music-memes Lol Tupac started it. Eminem finished it. Lil wayne...couldnt figure out how to read it and Macklemore...bought it for 99 cents lol. The progression of rap
Ion even like gambino. This is cool tho.
This funny rap coffee mug is for the lover of hip hop, rap music because they are "fueled by gansta rap and coffee."
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There is a prevailing myth that revolves around the hip hop world that it is only African-Americans who listen to this genre of music, enjoy it, or promote it. Some believe that African-Americans were the first to create. As the statistics show, however, myths are very different from what reality happens to be. Almost two
Dr. Dre.  Eminem. CrazyEminem.com @TheCrazyCities