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´Mercedes´ rapid proto wheel. Love #Rims? Protect them with #RimProtec #WheelBands check out later

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The 120 Cell is a 4D structure made of 120 regular dodecahedra. This "shadow" of it has the form of one large dodecahedron filled in with 119 smaller dodecahedra. In 4D all the dodecahedra are regular, but in this 3D shadow, angles are necessarily distorted, so only the innermost and outermost dodecahedra appear regular.

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B6 studio - Playful Projects for Kids and Grown-ups

Frame Blocks - Steel building blocks #3dscanner Please join our Facebook chat and have a look at our website with regard to specials on 3d rapid prototyping and enjoy our training articles.

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Employing rapid prototyping technology can help to evolve the designs faster, evolve new ideas & allows additive manufacturing which results in reduced time to market.

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(Posted from by · · · — — — · · · The Starting Of Speedy Prototyping and 3D Printing Rapid prototyping is the creation of 3D objects employing advanced manufacturing technologies. This technologies has only been about because the 1980s. Nowadays, the use of speedy prototyping is utilized by manufacturing fir... Read more on

A U.S. Plastic Injection Molding Company, providing custom molded, cnc machined and rapid prototype parts to all industries. Together with industry first technology and our professional team we are sure to meet all your product development needs.

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