Man! If I had the time and money I would so do this...maybe I still will...Halloween is about 2 months away...Maybe if I find my Eugene.

Rapunzel's Wig Tutorial 5 by echoing-artemis on deviantART Pretty sure that's the most beautiful Rapunzel wig I've ever seen.

How to make this awesome Rapunzel wig

rebelsong: “ aelynn: “ Cutting out foam strips Sewing foam strips into tubes ( Not shown; dying tubes yellow ) Covering tubes in beige nylon Cutting wefts from additional wigs Separating sections of the base wig Sew tube to nape of.

DISNEY LOVE: Rapunzel Wig - seven thirty three

DISNEY LOVE: Rapunzel Wig

Yünle Rapunzel peruk çalışması

This pretty, little Rapunzel wig is not only great for Halloween, but also for everyday imaginative play. Update Commentors have had great ideas: change the