Rottenecards - I dislike hoes. Needy hoes, ratchet Hoes, sideline hoes, got a man & don't know how to act Hoes,dumb hoes, looking for love on Facebook Hoes.

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hahaha grossss ratchet hoes

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Welp... think I said a m.f mouthful. This my x.mas gift too you ladies. Respect your punanneey! Now as for the rest of you hoes...yall come with me pow pow PINEAPPLES DIVAS! ! #juicy j"you say no too ratchet hoes juicy j cantttt" #christmas nite epic party. We grown but not dead. Aint all that blues 102 mess. We just turning up. No fighting. B.y.o.b dranks on you! Save money. Flores center tyler texas hwy 14* grown an sexy. Pr sale tickets 10 $ @A T the door 15 $. We exspecting over 1…

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School tomorrow...(/.) same shit, fake bitches, annoying teachers, ratchet hoes, fake thugs, unnecessary drama, & annoying ass people :/

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