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RC helicopters are the miniature version of actual helicopters and function in manner that is similar to them. They have a two-stroke engine and use gas or electricity for functioning. They can be purchased in the form of a kit and there is a remote control through which the helicopter can be flown.

RC Helicopters are a great source of entertainment and fun for people of all age brackets. In fact so much is the craze for these helicopters that it has become a full blown industry by itself. Moreover,the RC Helicopters have evolved a lot over the years and a huge variety exists today. One has to be acquainted with some of the technicalities before venturing out to purchase a RC Helicopter.


Well – you made it! You are ready to learn how to fly RC helicopters. All the research deciding on your best RC helicopter , purchasing it, learning all about it, and building it has brought you to this stage. What an accomplishment! You should be proud of yourself - good job! As fun as that entire process was, now it gets really fun, after all, RC helicopters are built to fly.