Reading fluency is also an issue for older students. Check out these tips to tackle this problem in your classroom.
Help students develop the four areas of fluency through these engaging activities!
A fun way to practice fluency using spelling patterns, quick passages, and dice!
FREE fluency reading passages.  These are perfect reading practice for students to do each week after we teach the phonics skill or as interventions for kids who need extra help!  | reading activities | teaching reading | reading worksheets first grade | reading second grade | reading fluency |
Fluency Strips - an activity to teach reading fluently and with expression - Freebie
FREE Phonics-Based Reading Passages Fluency and Skill Based Reading Comprehension Notebook (ALL YEAR). This free printable includes comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and writing. A great resource for teachers that will save you time and energy. These phonics activities exemplify engaging learning strategies with simple instructions and interactive activities.Click here to get your free printable pages.
Fluency 1- Students would pair up to read a story or short passage. First one to get three in a row wins. Reading the passage multiple times helps with reading fluently.
Decoding drills for fluency are a perfect and fun way for kindergarten and first graders to practice decoding words. They help build speed and automaticity, which improves reading fluency. They also make great reading intervention activities. I love that they are differentiated and include real and nonsense words.
Fluency: Roll and Read! Very simple sentences with sight words and CVC words for beginning and struggling readers.  This is one of many simple activities in the CVC Fluency bundle, designed to build fluency, confidence and comprehension.
Increasing Reading Fluency in 5 Easy Steps