Real Mermaid Infant Washes Ashore In The Caribbean. We have seen many so called "Mermaid sightings" throughout the years over the internet. But FINALLY

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Real Mermaid Sightings | ... mermaids from last year, "Mermaids: The Body Found." Watch short video

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Top 7 Real Mermaid Sightings From Around the World | The Fortean Slip

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This article is about a real life mermaid found. also, there have been many real mermaid sightings. do you believe in mermaids?

Top 7 Real Mermaid Sightings From Around the World (6:55) | YouTube >> "There is a fascination about mermaids, but if they do exist, I doubt mermaids look like what Disney portrays them to be. Here are the 7 top mermaid sightings from around the world." <3<3<3

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100% Real Mermaid Sighting - Real Mermaids Caught on Film - Mermaid caught in Fishing Net - YouTube

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Real Mermaid Sightings | this beauty was spotted in the entrance of a nearby roxy

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