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Tell Us Your Spookiest Scary Stories

There is something on the stairs! Scary Stories, dude if this happened to me...i don't even know

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Well that took a hard left turn...- You're telling me, I will never look at chairs the same way again..

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30 Real Stories of Unexplainable Events

30 Real Stories of Unexplainable Events - Have you ever had anything happen to you that you just can’t explain? Seen something that didn’t belong or had a visit from something that wasn’t human? These 30 stories, are from people who have had creepy and unexplainable things happen to them.

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The real Disney stories…

The morbid original stories! Woah. Thanks for making these a bit more child friendly disney.

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Now here's the real question-- was she really dead, or simply passed out from drink or drugs, and the doctor guy was the one to worry about?

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Real Police Officers Describe Their Creepiest Unsolved Cases

Real Detectives Describe Their Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries

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