To keep it real; you weren't holding me down, you were holding me back.

I didn't change I just grew up. I learned what's best for me. If I have to lose people to get where I need to be, then I'm okay with that

i could never say these things to you. if i told you then you would respond with "ok" or ; that's if im lucky though. thats if you even responded

i could never say these things to you. if i told you them you would respond with "ok". that's if im lucky though. that's if you ever responded

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I don't have to shake my ass to get attention ma I can stand in the corner with my phone and still get approached

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I have learnt that pleasing anyone does no good for my life . so fuck you and the rest of you out there. hey Leslie Goh u fucking hypocrite

Exactly.  Sometimes people really do show you who they are.  Takes a while, but it always comes out.

I need to stop thinking about you. I came to realise this when you stopped treating me like a person. I miss you, but fuck you.

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Moving on! Done with two faced people and their utter betrayal. Remove toxic people from your life. Doesnt matter if they are family.they need to go!

Only today after all this pain do I know what love is and what I don't have  What we shared was the only possible word to describe love  Now you took it away

for all of you out there that say it with no feeling connected. love is WAY more than a four letter word. stop using it so loosely

Actually they start to look uglier as they prove over and over what a manipulative fuck they are

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