It's so accurate. Except it's both, at the same time, and it's both horrible and wonderful.

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If only those who THINK they know me really knew what I go through every single day trying to keep this home together, they'd shut their ignorant mouths about me. SMH to think I welcome them into my home.

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Inspiring because my parents are divorced and when I miss my dad I don't always get to see him

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Gymnastics, Dance, Ballet Quotes: Practice like you're in last. Perform like you've already won.

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... but you also need to appreciate that if the person doesn't respect your commitment and time invested, you need to cut your losses and move on. Knowing when to press on, or leave, is the real challenge.

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I still believe in this... and I feel that I'm through the "hard stuff", losing both my parents in 6 months. Now, I'm looking forward to the "getting better"....

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