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Scott Eastwood Is Really Hot; Shirtless Scott Eastwood

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AEC: Stephen Amell (25 photos)

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It'd been over a week since Monarch had heard from Matty, and she's almost started to wonder if it had never really happened when she received a text from an obscure number. /Guess who?/ @danicapond34

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Yes! He look really good in such a simple outfit hmm no other guy can nail this

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"Hey. The name is Ash. I'm a innocent wish maker. I don't really know what else to say.." I laugh. "Well, Come find out about me!"

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Community Post: 26 Really Hot Doctors That’ll Make You Want To Get A Checkup

*Sneezes* | 27 Hot Doctors That'll Make You Want To Get A Check Up. Yeah...I don't know. I'd probably just faint.

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I dont really care about all the cool hot guys i just love the funny one cuz after u get to know them he is all of the above

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