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I don't have depression...well I hope I don't, but I do have anxiety and this is how I feel people look at me and think oh she's normal and I can play it off really well but they don't see the ghost of anxiety that follows me.

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Trapped by pain, despair and misery, that takes away all my joy, I can't even do my most favourite things in life. Life draw a picture.. or go to the movies or visit friends. If I do I'm punished with pain and fatigue.

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true but its really foolish....try to know people who they truely are and dont assume everything good in people....coz you truely love nd care for someone but people take it wrong and spread really ugly stories about you and disrespect your feelings in most ugly way....they dont even think about what they are putting you through....see good things in people but also beware of their negative traits

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Important lesson learned!!!! There are a lot of compulsive lying backstabbing people...don't get fooled like we did.

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Like accusing someone of being a stalker, whore, ****, or other negative hateful name that ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT apply.

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Really Ugly People | FInd Ugly people images which are Too Ugly to watch like Pig Face and ...

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ℓιвяα ♎️ true emotionally I am hurt cause I realize just how ugly mankind can be. mentally I am not stressed at all actuality I'm quite calm, spiritually I am at peace cause I know the truth and know how depressed and messed up other people really are. Physically I smile because I know I'm better than those who harass me and I realize what a sad existence these gangstalkers really have

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