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Nemo Had a Lucky Fin - This Guy Has Lucky Wings!! | The Featured Creature: Showcasing Unique and Unusual Wildlife


Really clever slide-out rear kitchen, combined with some slide-out side units too and it'd have everything. PLUS the platform can then be used as both a sofa and a bed... meaning the whole inside of the van could be sofa/bed!


Dodge Challenger~Remember the Green Mean Machine sporting my "wide fat 60s+black rear spoiler/wing") in Cambridge, ON., Barney? Good O'l Times!...Don...


Grandiloquent Word of the Day: Estrapade (AY•strah•PAHD) Noun: -A horse's attempt to dump its rider. -The action of a horse, when, to get rid of his rider, he rears, plunges, and kicks furiously. -The violent yerking of the hind legs which a horse makes when desirous of getting rid of his rider. Used in a sentence: "My favorite video on YouTube is the one where the mean cat jumps on the dog's back and the dog goes into an insane fit of estrapade!"


Czechoslovakia. Blue Underwing Moth. Catocala is a generally Holarctic genus of owlet moths (family Noctuidae or superfamily Noctuoidea) commonly known as underwing moths or simply underwings. The genus name Catocala roughly means "beautiful hindwings". It is a combination of two Ancient Greek words, kato (κάτω, "the rear one" or "the lower one"), and kalos (καλός, "beautiful")


"My purpose was to weaken the armies invading Virginia, by harassing their rear... to destroy supply trains, to break up the means of conveying intelligence, and thus isolating an army from its base, as well as its different corps from each other, to confuse their plans by capturing their dispatches, are the objects of partisan war. It is just as legitimate to fight an enemy in the rear as in the front. The only difference is in the danger ..." — Col. John S. Mosby, CSA


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“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha -- Explore journey quotes, both ancient and modern, at


30 Life Lessons You NEED To Know Before You Turn 30

"Sometimes, you need to walk through hell in order to become strong and unstoppable."


Invalid chair, Europe, 1850-1890: Unlike modern wheelchairs that have four wheels, this chair has three: two large front wheels and one small rear wheel. This means the patient was unable to wheel the chair themselves. They would have had an assistant. The chair is heavy so presumably they would not have gone very far or very fast.


The Death Van in which the victims were suffocated by gas which was discharged from the engine. The killing in Chelmno began on December 8, 1941.


At the rear of Thirlestane Castle, the old round corner tower can be seen, more or less in its original state save for the addition, by Bruce in the 17th century.