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One of the saddest connections is the rebound relationship. You’re using one person to try to unlove another. There is nothing pure or honest in what that relationship is, or ever will be, as you carried into it an unhealed bond to what was. Take time to cleanse, to heal, to renew, to grow, to become.


This is why so many "rebound" relationships don't last & why divorcing for another relationship doesn't work either. You need to finish up with the emotional stuff & bother of one relationship & find out who you are without it (because you have changed) before you can really know what you want from the next. You cannot find happiness out of the misery of others or yourself.


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I was the rebound guy! Crazy part is, said people don't even care what it does to the ones whose lives they shatter.


BAHAHAHA!!! Wtf?? Who allows their new husband to keep wedding photos of their former wife in their house???? As well as other pictures of her all around your house! Interesting what comes out of the mouths of babes. How Pathetic you are girl!! But your relationship is sooooo real! And yes he is comparing you to her, pretty sure you do NOT measure up in his eyes! What a joke you two are to everyone!!!

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