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The six most blatant alien hoaxes - and the people who fell for them - Alien UFO Sightings

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Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of...

UFO SIGHTINGS INCREASING IN QUEENSLAND! UFO researchers say UFO sightings are increasing in the state of Queensland in Australia. Recent sightings have included photos and video. UFO Research Queensland President Sheryl Gottschall told the Brisbane Times there has been a spike in reports over the last few months. She says, “We get about 100 calls a year and across Australia all up the UFO research groups get up to 800. That’s just the reported sightings – a lot go unreported.”

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Most Recent Crop Circles | New crop circle was reported today from Wiltshire, UK

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Massive UFO appears next to the ISS as NASA cuts life feed transmission again - Alien UFO Sightings

A collection of UFO photos, something so unknown to us but familiar from popular media. Quite like Night Vale it has normal content warped in such a new way to take on a different and startling new meaning

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UFO sighting in Florida, Feb 2015. The photographer was just shooting the ventricular cloud formations when the ship revealed itself unexpectedly.

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Rachel, Nevada: Famous for UFO Sightings & Area 51

Rachel, Nevada: Famous for UFO Sightings & Area 51 (PART ONE) | Alien UFO Sightings

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Scientists harness power of sound waves to levitate and move objects in air - Alien UFO Sightings