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I have had some of those, but some times I fear that they're not just dreams that she actually doesn't love me anymore. It scares me, she thinks I'm a douchebag. Like really that's what you think of me. If that's how you see me maybe I should stop trying and just be alone and depressed the rest of my life.DZA

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10 Tips and Tricks for Sight Reading Music

Sight reading seems to be one of those challenges that either a beginning musician loves or has recurring nightmares about. For those of us in the latter category, we’ve consulted with music educators who specialize in the important skill of sight reading music to make it less scary and (maybe even) a little enjoyable!

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Just a mix...of me

Sometime the memories can trigger anxiety, pain and stress. But SOMETIMES remembering the abuse makes me realize how far I have come and well I am doing... On those days it does not knock the wind out of me, it fills me with pride

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My favorite Loony Tunes episodes were always the ones put to classical music.

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For Goodness' Sake

Kamille was present at the time of her parent's death. She won't tell anyone exactly what happened, but she's constantly haunted by nightmares that replay the scene she's tried so hard to forget.

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11x10 The Devil In The Details promo [gifset] - Mark Sheppard in a onesie XD - Rowena, Crowley, Santa!Lucifer; Supernatural

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