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Recurring Sore Throat


Multi-Use Sore Throat Remedy

This is a tried-and-true (by our family and friends--and many others, I'm sure) natural remedy for CURING strep throat at home (including those who suffer from recurring strep throat). This is also beneficial for ANY bacterial or viral infection that can manifest itself in the throat/mouth. BONUS! :)NOTE: Each ingredient in this concoction has MANY more healing effects then just this one (and I've listed a lot of those out in the last few steps of this instructable). So be sure to stick…


Treating Tonsillitis: When does a recurring sore throat require a more drastic treatment? Dr. Nina Shapiro, pediatric ear, nose and throat surgeon discusses if and when parents should consider scheduling a tonsillectomy for their child. Watch as Dr. Shapiro demonstrates the older versus newer technique for removing tonsils.


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Manuka "XO" Honey! Super Bio-active Honey. It has 30+ anti-bacterial activity. Helps to kill the germs that are linked to ulcers and sore throat, which are not normally killed by lower activity Manuka Honey. Nature's Glory Manuka "XO" Honey is used in persistent or recurring infections or ulcers. Honey is harvested on the conservation land, so no tourist or heavy industries. Pollution free! New Zealand is a nuclear free and GMO-free country.

Can’t seem to beat a recurring cough, sore throat, headaches or back pain? It may be time to look at other causes that aren’t as obvious—but they will be soon!