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AFTER: Project Mushroom is complete!! A cheap and easy way to add outside decor without having to buy retail People throw away flower pots all of the time. When I see "junk" in my back yard, I try to find a way to repurpose it. I am working on another idea that I will show you all later Thanks for looking and playing along!! xx ♻️♻️ #reduce #reuse #recyle #repurpose #outsidedecor #mushroom #mybackyard #myhappyplace


Courtesy of pbjustme repost recyle bottlearts bottlelights drseuss

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DIY Oversized Ornaments

Ingenious recyle using a tin can, eye screw and an old round light globe. Might also work with a rose bowl. Oversized Ornaments

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Recyle And Make Your Own Beads

How to make a beads. Recyle And Make Your Own Beads - Step 6