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Do you ♥ red? What your favorite color reveals about your personality. #paint #colors #red color psychology

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{Color Inspiration} Red

The color red means a lot of things, but if I had to sum up all those things in one word, I would say that it's POWERFUL.Whenever you wear the color red, you demand attention. Like green, it has the ability to pop if its a bright shade, but if it's darker, it can make you look sexy and…

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Flowers, Their Meanings, And Which Ones NOT To Give Your Valentine

This is my communication to each victim I corrupt. Most of the time they die within a 13 day period, and I send them off with an appropriate rose to bid them adieu. Otherwise like cologne, I use roses to tell my targets what they think I intend....

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The Psychology of Branding with the Color Red [infographic]

The Psychology of Red Branding [infographic

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Garnet, known as "the Stone of Happiness," enhances your internal energies to bring forth an intense level of inner joy while increasing your presence. Garnet is also known to raise your healing power during illness.

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Meaning Of The Color Red..... some past studies suggest that this color also works well for people with dementia.

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Rose Color Meanings by kawaii-panda-aru524 on deviantART
Every lightsaber color in the Star Wars universe & what they mean.

Star Wars lightsaber colors, explained

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