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A mutation in the MCR1 gene causes RED HAIR. Therefore, I am a MUTANT. Sorry, I have to keep my other super powers a secret.

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Are Redheads Mutants

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The gene that gives redheads red hair...because saying 'got red hair?' was too simple.

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MC1R Project by Michelle Marshall | Documenting the incidence of the MC1R gene mutation, responsible for red hair and freckles, amongst black/mixed raced individuals.

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Ginger Problems #82: When people tell you your 'race' is going extinct. Redhead problems, red hair, MC1R.

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How many times have I tried to tell people this? So many people tell me that red hair skips a generation - UNTRUE!

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That skin is absolute perfection. It seems as though only the red-haired gene achieves such snowiness. Like milk.

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