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This guy would make a nice model for Wash. I like his freckles an his tousled hair.

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this family of ginger brothers needs an epic plot line because I'm in love with all of them- this is Levi

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HRH Prince Harry of Wales, Captain and combat veteran, Blues & Royals Regiment of the Household Cavalry.

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Hairstyles For Thick Hair Men

"Oh my gosh" She stutters . I look over my shoulder and a man with ginger hair smiles triumphantly. "See Carrie I told you I would find her" he chuckles. "Uncle Edward, what a pleasant surprise" -A.C. Garbarino

The 13 Hottest Male Redheads Ever

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Don't know who that redhead is, but he deserves a place on my board. Love, love, love the hair!

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really dashing gingers =) and no, not like ron weasely. he gives gingers a bad name

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