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Red Twig Dogwood (Cornus stolinifera) - Winter Color. Zone 2-8. Red stems in winter, white blossoms in spring, red berries in fall. Fast Growth. Mature height: 6-10 ft.

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Details about Dogwood Red Twig Shrub 'Cornus stolonifera' Loved by the birds

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So beautiful: red twig dogwoods with snowdrops beneath. Wish I'd put snowdrops under my dogwood now.

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Red twig Dogwood winter color C. sericia ‘Red Osier’ dogwoods are also hardy to zone 2, reaching 7-10 feet high and wide. You will find many C. sericia with many different names, including the ‘Red Osier’, ‘Red Twig’, ‘American’, ‘Western’ and ‘Red Stem’. They are all nearly the same plant, perhaps with minor differences. Most of the ‘Red Osiers’ are fast growing. ‘Isanti’ has bright red winter stems, the most colorful of the Red Osiers, and is 5-7 feet tall. It is slow growing and…

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Cornus sericea (Red Osier Dogwood) This deciduous plant offers four seasons of interest with bright red bark in winter, clusters of creamy white flowers in spring, tiny white berries (a songbird favorite) amongst a thicket of greenery in summer and purplish leaves in autumn. Height 6-12′. Grows in wet soils and is great for riparian areas. Stems can be used to make a nice red dye. Hardy to zone 3.

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Shrubs That Ensure Your Winter Yard Won't Be Bare

Read my Top 10 list of best plant ideas for winter landscapes and attracting wild birds (e.g., red osier dogwood). Ranking is based on visual interest value.

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Wedding Wreath - Flowering Dogwood - Red Osier Dogwood, Golden Chinquapin, Beechnut & Heal-all

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Arctic Fire™ - Red-Osier Dogwood - Cornus stolonifera

Add Beauty to Your Garden with Dogwood Trees, Shrubs and Subshrubs

Add Beauty to Your Garden with Dogwood Trees, Shrubs and Subshrubs: Red Osier Dogwood

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