umbrellas again; my husband said, "What is it with you and umbrellas" and I don't know.

Rush hour II by Caras Ionut, via Nice idea and pretty good color matching. The flop of some of the umbrellas is the downfall as the lighting switches sides. Should have taken more photos of different umbrellas for the composite. Still, love it.

Red Rain Print by Stefano Corso at

Beautiful framed print called "Red Rain" of a red umbrella brightening up the streets of Paris! You can get it off right now ending

brexians:  red by Φίλιππος( Phill) on Flickr. my red umbrella is prettier than I am more capable it shines in the rain not afraid of drowning unlike me it welcomes the deluge

My red umbrella is prettier than I am, more capable it shines in the rain, not afraid of drowning. Unlike me, it welcomes the deluge.

This photo shows good emphasis because your eye is directly drawn to the umbrella because its red.

Rain Photography

Contrast: This photgraph is a wonderful example of contrast. this photo shows two diffrent eliments and puts them together. the black park with the red umbrella in the middle creates a contrast of color creates a visual clarity.